My Belinda Carlisle web-board

Well Guys! Here we Go (again!)

It’s finally online my Belinda Carlisle web-board. It’s basically a collection of her greatest photos that I had a chance to collect among the years, since when internet was at its “stone-age” and I already started surfing and searching for Belinda’s info and photos online.

Back in 1994 the owner of Belinda Carlisle italian fans club “The Moon” asked me to take care of the website of the fanzine/fanclub. It was a very easy website, almost made with Word editor!

I’ve grown up much since then, but admiration and love for Belinda and her music never faded away. So I decided to take a chance to create another small website dedicated to Belinda just to share some beautiful pics of her with everybody! Hope to be able to make little improvements in near future. But for now just take it as it is, a collection of photos.

Everybody Enjoy! …Hope Belinda would enjoy it too!

click here to visit the website!

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